Saturday, December 31, 2011

"All About the Boots II"


OK. I couldn't stand it. You know, we artists try to go with a certain complimentary color
pallet. That's just how things work better. Well, this is a learning experience and I am going with it... The original picture was a white dress with a white sky. So, saturating the colors is a good idea. It certainly opened the door to interesting afternoon colors in the dress. But...something was still not like what I am wanting to see in my small works. Color-color. Where can we add it to make it more of a "wow" work of art? I decided to add more interesting color in the shadows and by all means - put more effort in the heaviness of the skin! My goodness. The less one paints on the skin, we can expect flat, flat, flat. This is somehow hard to do for the realist which I am. So, I will use the corner of the brush with heavier paint if it kills me. So...if this helps you...let me know. By the way, I will be painting "All About the Boots III" next with the original photo but with an even different look. I am learning ...might as well play... Ha.


Terri Buchholz said...

You got the "WOW" girl! I didn't see this before the revision but I definitely think your improvements stepped it up. I love the subject and love your painting!

Sherrie Hilliard said...

Thanks, Terri, for taking the time to look and comment!

Linda Popple said...

You succeeded with that "wow" factor!! I love that your daughter wore boots with her wedding dress. This painting is just fantastic and must have been fun to paint.- both times!

Sherrie Hilliard said...

Linda, Thanks so much for your comment. It was fun to paint (no face) ha.